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How do I order prescription sunglasses online?

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  • How do I order prescription sunglasses online?

    1. Start at By Men's Glasses, Women's Glasses, Kids Glasses, Prescription Sunglasses, Progressive Glasses and Bifocal Glasses in the main toolbar and select the category of your choice.

    2. Browse through the frame styles by clicking the picture thumbnails. On each item page, select your choice of frame colors.

    There is a virtual fitting system on the right of the page, you can use it to see how the frame look like on people of different gender, age, skin color and face shape.

    3. Follow the step by step instruction to customize your lenses: enter your prescription, select lens type, colors, & other options.

    4. If you need help click on the questions under each choices to get detailed explanations on each entry.

    What to have a try? welcome you!